Wiggling beneath the willow

The first ever Oxjam ‘Beneath the Willow’ festival was excellent last Saturday, raising over £2,000 for Oxfam. Well done to all of the organisers and thanks for inviting us to perform.

This was the first time we have performed all of our dances back to back as a 40 minute set. We used a slightly scaled down lineup for each dance which made better use of limited space and also meant most people had a breather between numbers.

We had a lot of fun with all of our routines including a scary sword solo, an overly competitive dance duel and ‘March to Gaol’ used as an audience participation number. I think we were all really happy to realise just how flexible our repertoire is now and how we can adapt it to different events.

Our ‘candid cameraman’ Hugh was in action again (thanks!) and ‘Rose Hips at Oxjam’ videos are popping up on YouTube as I write. You can find them via Google, but here are some links to get you started: Bear Dance, SaltarelloDaphneWraggle Taggle Gypsies and Azerie (with sword!)