Dancing Out This Summer

Our dance schedule’s heating up already this summer, and the Jubilee weekend is looking like a busy one!

The following dates are confirmed:

Sat 2nd June – dancing out at the West Hagbourne Jubilee fete (2-2.30 and 3.15-3.45 dancing with Lepton Morris).
Sun 3rd June – dancing out at the Wantage Jubilee celebrations in the afternoon (time and place to be confirmed)
Thurs 28th June – Earthwatch Summer party (private party)
Sat 20th October Half time spot at White Horse Ceilidh

We’re also hoping to be at:
White Horse Folk Festival – 17th-19th August
Bunkfest – 31st August to 2nd September

though these dates have to be confirmed.

We’re very pleased to welcome our new dancers and band members too – at full strength our band is now 7 people!